The Wilson Group was established in 2xxx and currently has 13 members, including 3 Senior Group Members, x Post-Doctoral Researchers, 8 PhD Researchers. The group currently has members from different parts of the world.

    Wilson, Philippe Group Leader
    Khan, Nicola (Niki) Senior Group Staff
    Hunter, Elena Senior Group Staff
    Cameron-Whytock, Heather Senior Group Staff
    Recruiting PDRA
    Recruiting PDRA
    Odoemelam, Chiemela Steve PhD Researcher
    Anwesha, Das PhD Researcher
    Madhau, Leillah PhD Researcher
    Grujic, Stefan PhD Researcher
    Megram, Oliver PhD Researcher
    Roshan, Simran PhD Researcher
    Purohit, Arjun PhD Researcher
    Wolski, Daniel PhD Researcher
    Farrell, Connor Research Intern



Former Group Members

  Becker, Barbara Victoria Masters Student