Wilson Group

The Wilson Group focusses on applying multidisciplinary computational and analytical approaches to solving problems across the biological and physical sciences and their interfaces. We have received support most notably from Cancer Research UK, EPSRC, STFC and The Royal Society. We work across the One Health agenda, comparative physiology, device and technology development and pure computational framework development.




Cleveland Bay Horse Study

The study carried out on Cleveland bay horses by Wilson group & Dell from University of Lincoln was reported by NZ equine press. Find the full report here Read the full paper here

The UK Agriculture Bill

Professor Wilson and Stephen Hall co-authored an article published in The Conversation. The article explores the peaceful co-existence of farming and forestry in UK. Professor Wilson was also interviewed by BBC radio discussing the UK agricutural bill. Listen to the full interview here. Read full article here.  

Native Turkey Project

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust, in conjunction with Prof Philippe Wilson and Prof Emily Burton, of Nottingham Trent University’s poultry research unit, is conducting a research project to compare the meat quality and leg health of rare breeds of turkey, starting with Norfolk black, against commercial white turkeys. The aim is to…