George McConnell

As a genomic and bioinformatic scientist, George specialises in analysing biological data. After completing a B.Sc in Biomedical Science George worked at GlaxoSmithKline before completing a Masters in molecular genetics at the University of  Nottingham. After completing his Masters George worked at the Wellcome Sanger Institute as part of the Mouse Genomes Project before moving onto a technical management role in biotech. In 2019, he moved back into the lab to study for a PhD at the University of Leicester, working with large GWAS data sets to investigate shared genomic loci in dissective and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases. The PhD project was highly interdisciplinary, bringing together his bioinformatic, molecular and cell biology experience to conduct in-silico and invitro experimentation in a key area of human health research.

George has now brought his research experience to the Wilson group where he provides bioinformatic, statistical and analytical support.