Low field, benchtop NMR in chemical and biochemical analysis

Low-field, benchtop NMR (bNMR) analysis, linked with metabolomics-based computational intelligence algorithms has the potential to impact significantly upon biomedicine and biomedical imaging; it allows for the rapid monitoring and identification of biomolecules and their concentrations in biofluids for a range of diseases and disease states, and the development of robust, machine learning approaches to improve bioanalytical procedures and inform interpretation and diagnosis.

PhD Researcher: Miles Gibson

Miles’ PhD crosses both the Grootveld and Wilson labs, and concentrates on developing our understanding of the thermal behaviour of lipids, as well as establishing new standardised protocols.

PhD Researcher: Yasan Osman

Yasan’s PhD project feeds into our CRUK-EPSRC-STFC Early Detection Award, and involves the use of noval diamond sensors in the early detection of metabolic conditions. He is cosupervised by Prof Mel Mather at the University of Nottingham, and Prof Martin Grootveld at DMU.

Early detection through liquid biopsy: breast cancer

Following the successful award of a Cancer Research UK - EPSRC -STFC grant to the ‘Quantum Leapers’ consortium led by Prof Mel Mather (Nottingham) and Dr Philippe Wilson (DMU), the use of novel diamond sensors in early detection is being explored. A strong collaboration between The Universities of Nottingham, De Montfort, Leicester and Queen Mary London is at the heart of this project which seeks to take advantage of nitrogen vacancies within diamond frameworks to understand the early stages of breast cancer development.

PhD Researcher: Anwesha Das

Anwesha is working on applications of ESR spectroscopy in biomedicine and disease detection. She is collaboratively working on our CRUK early detection project.